LIFE 081: Crisis as Truthteller
LIFE 081: Crisis as Truthteller

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Crisis is a truth teller and a gift-giver.
It peels back your personality’s layered facade revealing your rawest most authentic self.
It beams light into your relationships exposing both the genuine and the counterfeit.
It crystallizes priorities and does away with insignificant efforts.
It ravages everything leaving only the truth behind.

Right now, crisis is visiting us all. It’s offering us the opportunity to reflect on who we’ve been to life, to the earth, and to ourselves. It’s giving us the most sacred of gifts, the opportunity to release what isn’t honoring and invite what’s necessary for our greatest expression of creativity, love, healing, and enduring joy.

This process isn’t easy or quick. It’s challenging and messy. Most births are.

Join me as we prepare for your renaissance.

Time Markers

– A little reminder for us (1:00)

– It’s a mirror (3:09)

– Everything superfluous burns away (5:55)

– Go deep and answer the call (9:05)

– Stable, sound, and whole–even now (10:26)

– Fear is like a bubble emerging from the ocean floor (12:33)

– Life has created a container for us (15:27)

– Your soul’s right outcome (16:38)

– The truth about stuff (27:34)

– Your renaissance (30:58)


We went a little too far into the wild, and the wild said “enough”.

You can answer the call to be with you.

Fear is like a bubble at the bottom of your ocean. It lifts your own fears along with the trigger up to the surface. So you’re dealing with today’s issue and yesterday’s wounds. This is an opportunity.



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