LIFE 079: Giving up on your dream
LIFE 079: Giving Up on Your Dream

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We’ve been working on visualizing our dreams and showing up for what we really desire. We’ve created visions, faced our demons, recognized our fears, and made commitments. Our older selves are no longer in control and we’ve vowed not to live in a way that we regret later.  We’re clear that the worst thing ever is to live out our lives never giving our gifts, experiencing what’s important to us, or creating what we want. The worst thing one can do is giving up on your dream.

You’re on the path, creating what you desire. Then it happens. One day you wonder if you really wanted what you said you wanted. Or, you feel overwhelming self-doubt and wonder how you ever thought you could do it in the first place. Or, maybe you realize you’ve lost all of your motivation and momentum. Again.

Take heart, this is part of success. This is not the beginning of giving up on your dream, this is an opportunity to practice everything we’ve been discussing these last few episodes. In this show, Cynthia explains the meaning behind these feelings and shares how to get re-connected with the source of your vision, your higher self. We’re all in this together. Grab a cup (or glass) of something soothing and listen now.

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Time Markers

– You get to pick (1:47)

– Don’t be a paper pusher (4:15)

– Autopilot DISengage (8:23)

– 20/20 Vision (11:30)

– B.Y.B.F.F. (17:20)

– Dress for the occasion (19:01)

– Let the music play  (20:23)

– Your highlight reel (21:48)

– What and why NOT HOW (24:00)

– Reframe it  (26:30)


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