gLIFE: 076 - 10 tips to get the most from the rest of 2020


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Today I sat down to prepare for Soulfest and I started to write a list of 10 tips to get the most out of the event. Once I finished I realized that those 10 tips applied to so much more than just a few days. Join me this week as I talk about some of the most impactful ways to make sure this year is your best yet. We’ll talk about your internal focus, your external environment, and how to readjust both for the best year of your life.

Time Markers

– Soulfest – BE THERE! (0:45)

– Just one takeaway? Perfect. (3:00)

– Do you know you can grow? (5:20)

  Very long walks off of very short piers… (8:01)

– Energy is contagious so catch the right vibe. (9:47)

– Have some presence (14:10)

– Put a pin in criticism and shush the self-judgment (16:15)

– Your heart and higher self (19:52)

– Stick to it again, and again, and again. (24:00)


Your limitations are what you believe. So believe you can grow and change.

We can always handle this moment, so be here now.

Remind yourself that this is a mental machination that’s going to deplete you.

The heart works on truth, the brain works on calculation. Your best life is always going to be based on truth.

Nothing changes if you don’t change it.



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