Numerous health and wellness modalities agree that stress is the leading cause of disease, but what makes stress? We do.


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Numerous studies have concluded that stress is a leading cause of disease.

Have you ever examined what stress actually is?

Stress is not an active or objective force in the world. It’s generated by the way we perceive the experiences in our lives. When we perceive events as threatening, harmful, scary, or painful we feel stressed. Thus, stress is the result of our negative emotions.

Health and wellness professionals and a growing body of research say that repressed and unresolved emotions can manifest as illness, pain, and outbreaks in the body.

Repressed emotions can be comprised of recent feelings or decades-old upsets.

Addressing and releasing festering emotions can promote well-being and a happier mental state.

Learn my favorite modalities and perspectives to help you let go of repressed feelings.

Time Markers

– How can I use this? (1:50)

– Just a half step (6:35)

– Feeling so hard it hurts us. No, really. (11:37)

– You are powerful (16:00) – Let’s body talk (18:50)

– Sitting with it, to set it free (20:58)

– A sprinkle of heart-centric healing (22:40)

– Stress comes from thinking (24:37)

– My migraine journey (26:00)


Shine a light on your unconscious trauma to heal your conscious pain.


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