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It’s time to connect to the energy of your desired future, aka dreaming BIG!

If you’ve followed my notes, you’re in the midst of letting go of the past and retaining only what makes you better.

(Read this note last. Read Panning for Gold in 2019 and Letting Go first. )

Today we meditate on fertile ground—a place to plant the seeds of your deepest desires.

Read through to the bottom of this post for guidelines to keep you feeling connected.

Dreaming Big

Enlarge your vision. Your essence evolved from a limitless place. Your wise child self knew this, but the world of limitation has been trying to beat this truth out of you ever since. 

Return to the innocence and magic of childlike possibility. Let this energy flow and pave your path into the future.

Be easy and patient about this important process. The calendar is not your master.

Take the next week to receive the vision for a life that pleases your soul.

Don’t worry about what other people want. What do you need?

You are never alone.

There are no rules, no resolutions (96% fail within 14 days), no trying, and no pressure.

Let peace be your intention.

Ask your heart (soul, higher-self, Spirit, God) to share the greatest vision of your life with you. 

What was your Creator’s dream when it imagined you to life?

Everything you’ve ever needed is in the answer. It’s more real than mountains and trees.

This is a special time, a time to give imagination and possibility the reigns. Release resistance, pessimism, and futility. Invite hope and optimism into your heart.

You have the power to bring light to the darkest places. 

Your work during this magical time is to embrace possibility, free your imagination, and silence limitation. Open your heart and your mind. Ask for guidance, be open to the myriad ways it will come.

Trust the answers and imagine how they will look in the world. Feel the way you will feel when you live them. This is magnetic.

Rendering an imaginary reality of who you’re becoming and where you’re going marshals energy, pointing it in a unified direction. This intense, hyper-focused power is the stuff that BIG dreams are made of.

My own evolution from poverty, despair, loneliness, and fear to abundance, lasting joy, deep intimacy, and courage came just this way. 


–Focus on what you wish to create and who you wish to become.

Dream bigger than you think is okay. And then a little bigger.

–How your dreams unfold is not your concern, this is Creation’s domain.

–You will have to grow and change to receive your desires. Be willing.

–Births are messy. Chaos precedes transformation. Expect it and you’ll be able to handle it.

–You will make mistakes and fail. It’s preparation for success. Persevere.

–Every delay is not a denial. You may not be ready yet. You may be being protected from something. There may be something better trying to come through. Stay steady.

–There will never be a shortage of people to argue for your limitations. They aren’t telling you your story, they are telling you theirs. Agreeing makes it your story, too. Don’t argue, reject it inside.

–Spend time everyday seeing, feeling, and being your dreams

–Fully commit to doing whatever it takes to achieve your dreams, as long as you harm no one, including yourself. This total commitment is absolutely necessary. It signals the Universe that you’re serious.

–Once you make a genuine, nothing held back, commitment, you will find that your dreams work hard to come to you. You won’t have to actually do all of whatever it takes. (But you can’t pretend you’re committed. The Universe knows.)

–Life conspires to help you when you help yourself.

–Believe in yourself, the love of your Creator, and the endless potential inside of you.

–You already have what you need to succeed.

If you only commit to living one idea, make it this one:

Live in a way that a stranger watching would know what your
dreams are and what’s important to you.

Save this email. Meditate on the words. Make them yours.

Our only true limitation is ourselves. So set yourself free.



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