Reconnect with your inner being so you can feel like yourself again.

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You know that awful empty feeling?

It’s that sense of disconnection from what fuels you. It makes you feel like something is missing. Somehow, you just don’t feel like you anymore.

Not anymore.

In this episode, Cynthia will guide you to revive your connection with your inner being and feel like the best you again.

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Time Markers:

(1:41) It’s the time of year for self-care and reconnection. Continue feeling into the new year.

(3:50) Finding our way out of feeling stuck by reconnecting with dreams, goals, creativity, and a strong relationship with your highest self.

(5:30) Step back, gain some altitude and perspective. An exercise in identifying your key desires.

(10:50) The realization of desires and dreams as a sunburst of energy, radiating from your solar plexus–your 3rd

(12:55) Getting grounded and reconnecting with yourself. You are the most powerful and important person in your life.

(14:50) Why putting yourself first is an act of selflessness. Plus a personal story.

(18:20) Where is there room for more self-expression? Where is there space to shore up your mental, physical, and spiritual energy?

(21:00) Challenge and release your inner critic. How to deal with the harsh voice within.

(22:25) Join Cynthia in the 21-Day Challenge

(23:10) What does it take to make lasting changes?

(28:15) Super special giveaway. Feel into the next year with 1:1 coaching with Cynthia.


“Invite the energy of infinite possibility, guidance, and good to help you.”

“Putting yourself first is ultimately the most generous thing you can do.”

“There’s greatness within you that can only manifest in the world by you taking excellent care of yourself and shoring yourself up mentally, physically, and spiritually.”


Take the challenge: 21 Day Challenge to Refrain from Negative Self-talk and Criticism

Super special giveaway. Feel into the next year with 1:1 coaching with Cynthia.

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