Use your feminine energy to feel into your desires find you and bring them to life.

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As the new year approaches, this is the optimal time to feel into your deepest desires using your feminine energy. 

Learn how to stop being over-focused on thoughts and analysis and reconnect to your feminine heart center–the wisest place in your body. 

Discover the answers you seek and your truest desires. Then shift your focus and change your energy. As you change, you’ll begin to change the energy you attract.

In this episode, I’ll share my experience with this process and guide you to yours. Don’t miss it.

Time Markers

  • Feeling into whatever is seeking to emerge through you [3:35]

  • The true feminine [4:21]

  • Being whole and centered [8:11]

  • Stepping into your feelings [11:45]

  • Perpetuating the negative [12:55]

  • Saturating yourself in the what (not the how) [15:12]

  • Heart-based and feminine are synonymous [21:10]

  • Having a willingness to be open and explore [27:01]

  • Centering your attention on your heart [29:55]

  • The manifestation of your greatest expression [35:10]


“The feminine is the essential creative energy, unlimited and pure possibility. It’s often overlooked and considered weak. It is not weak at all, it is strength and power fueled by love, and love is infinite.”

“The way to get connected to the feminine is to feel into it with your heart.”

“When you step into a fully embodied emotional feeling the universe rearranges itself and corresponds with that feeling. “


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