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A woman who feels safe, secure, self-loving, and whole invariably, without any prompting, will bring compassion, healing, protection, support and positive change to her family, community and the world. She’ll do this without anyone telling her that she should or asking her. When a woman feels good in herself and her life, she send waves of good out into the world.

My mission is to end all preventable suffering by supporting and strengthening the most powerful force of change in the world, women. And as creation designed it, women who feel secure, strong, and centered bring healing and the cessation of suffering to everything they touch.

The catch is that most women have to go through an inner transformation before they feel whole in themselves.

This is because most of us were raised and conditioned to be driven, motivated, guided, and governed by external forces.

Those forces include what parents told you you should do. What teachers, coaches, friends, lovers, spouses, told you you should do. What TV, magazines, law-makers, religions, organizations and cultural norms told you to do.

Most of us followed the approved path, the smart path, the path of survival, or the path of what seems normal. The shoulds.

Then, at some point, most of us begin to feel a gnawing ache for something more or different. In Resurrecting Venus, this is what I meant when I said the Sacred Ache. It’s a sense that something’s missing, a disenchantment with life, a feeling that this isn’t what you wanted or who you really are.

Here’s the cure. Your best life begins when you learn to use your internal guidance capacities to govern your life. You rely on yourself and your source to dictate the content and choices of your life. You are not the democratic republic of insert your name here. You are a sovereign being, the ruler of your life, and you allow no one else to wield that power.

Instead of your days being good or bad based on how someone treated you, or whether you were approved of, or got the thing you wanted, or made someone else feel some sort of way, your feeling tone is set and sourced within.

Instead of feeling shaken when someone behaves in a toxic manner, rejects you, criticizes you, excludes you from something, or attempts to manipulate or agitate you, you live in an inner world that you create.

That’s self-centered, and may we all become more so!

what negative beliefs they wanted to release. In this show, I’ll share the false ideas that keep women up at night.


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