Are your desires from your heart or your ego? Find out now. Plus my summer self-care practices.

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Do you doubt whether you’re supposed to pursue and have your deepest desires?

Are you afraid that your dreams might not be right or good?

Maybe you think you’re not good enough to have them?

Your heart’s desires are part of your life purpose. They’re fulfilling and intended for you. The desires of the ego are often shiny, other-oriented, and offer little long term satisfaction.

Knowing where your desire emanates from can help you get fully behind it or release it and spare yourself a lackluster experience.

In this podcast, you’ll learn how to determine whether your dreams are your heart’s desire.

You’ll also learn why you’ll never be ‘ready’ to become your best self and how to move forward now.

Lastly, I’ll share my top summer self-care tips with you and tell you how to make this the summer that you put yourself first and finished the year strong.


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