The empowering truth about your inner-critic.

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If you talked to others the way you talk to yourself, would you have any friends?

Be honest, most of us wouldn’t dream of dumping the negative self-talk, judgment and criticism we pile on ourselves onto anyone else.

Does any of this sound familiar?

“You sounded like a fool. You looked stupid. Your arms looked so fat. You’re so old. You’re an idiot. You don’t belong Your dreams are impossible. You are so unimportant. No one really likes you. Everyone is better than you. You’re not good enough.”

These words come from past coaching clients. I have never met anyone who doesn’t have this negative inner self-talk happening at some time.

This is the voice that keeps you small. It holds you back whenever you try to make changes in your life. This voice keeps you stuck. It sabotages you and makes you feel insecure. It can make you feel like you’re naked and exposed in front of the whole world.

Many of us also erroneously believe that beating ourselves up is a good way to motivate ourselves. 

And guess what, our inner-critics get their scripts from all of the judgmental and critical things that were said to us early in our lives. It’s as though our young inner-critics learned language when we did, but it only took in negative things about us.  

Have you ever identified your inner-critic? I’ve found it really helpful. I identified mine decades ago.



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