Change is challenging. Sometimes people procrastinate until change isn’t possible anymore, or making it is more difficult than it would have been had we heeded our inner knowing. Learn how to move through these six phases of changing your life. Watch yourself soar.



In this episode, you’ll learn how to:

-use a proven structure for transforming your life

-know when it’s time to change

-access intuitive guidance

-put yourself first

-create a practical plan

-stay motivated and follow through

-have lasting success that honors your soul and serves the world

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Time Markers:

(4:15) Cynthia’s best self-worth series ever, free to my audience only,

(7:07) The coaching framework I use for change.

(8:40) Are you excited about your future?

(9:30) What to do if you don’t feel like yourself anymore.

(10:10) Change and your capacity to grow.

(10:50) Communication from your Higher-self.

(12:00) You are the Guru.

(12:35) Making the changes you know you need to make.

(14:45) Realizing you’ve outgrown your life.

(16:49) Is fear holding you back?

(19:48) What it looks like on the other side of scary change.

(22:20) Six phases of transformation, a structure for you to work in

(23:00) Phase 1 – reconnecting with your authentic self

(25:16) Phase 2 – release external influences

(26:50) Get the Wise Woman Audio Series

(27:29) Phase 3 – Claim and fortify your self-worth – Worthless to Worthy, Video Series

(31:15) Early bird discount to my program

(32:05) Phase 4 – Catch the unique vision for your success.

(34:35) Phase 5 – Crafting a smart and practical plan to create your soul’s vision.

(35:50) Phase 6 – Life Mastery Protocol to ensure that you follow through and reach your goal.

(37:30) Powerful practices to implement today.


Quotes and Main Points:

Self-acceptance means you stop attacking, criticizing, and judging yourself. You learn from your mistakes, take the lesson and move forward with your life. You remember that a power greater than you created you and this power did it exactly the way it wanted. Right now, you’re where you’re supposed to be. You’re enough already, and you can grow and evolve.

Thought is the channel of Spirit. When you learn to align with your Higher Power and let it give you the vision of your dreams, instead of the outside world or your ego, you ensure that you’re on the right track and you open the way for the Divine to conspire with you.



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