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It took me a long time to realize and accept that the Divine’s will and plan for my life is better than my own.

I used to think that Spirit might want me to do things that I don’t want to do, or ask me to give up things that I wanted to keep.

This was partially true. The Divine’s will often asks us to give up our ego’s wants, and our ego’s wants are the only ones Spirit would ask us to surrender. 

Understand, I’m not an ego eraser. The ego can help us as we navigate life. It’s just not good at running the show.

Once I lived enough (read: saw enough of the ego’s failure to deliver lasting good), I gave in and gave up my ego’s agenda. 

I finally started to pray, “Thy will be done.”

Note: While I’m using Christian language, these teachings are found in every spiritual movement. Humanity has known for many thousands of years that life’s highest aim is to realize the good within and open the way for it to flow into the world.

Then came the practice of learning how to receive guidance from the Divine. In this show, I’ll share two powerful examples of asking for and receiving Divine Guidance.


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