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Big dreams naturally feel out of reach. They cause us to feel like we might be a bit deluded and living in a fantasy land. But, people throughout all time and history have achieved such seemingly impossible desires. How? By having a plan. Creating practical plans, even those with steps that will require a bit of Divine assistance, takes the mystery out of creation and makes the path to your fulfillment clear and real. In this show, I will share the method I’ve used to:

–go to law school without a high school diploma
–build my dream home in Bel Air
–maintain my life and home when my ex had a brain aneurysm
–build my online platform to a 200k+ reach
–get published with NO contacts
–launch the Beautiful Life School, worldwide
–raise two children without their fathers and send them to college 

That’s a really short list of great and unlikely dreams realized. And remember, I started out as a welfare mom who lived in a garage. Plans make us see that getting from here, across a massive gap, to there is possible. Once we see that something is possible, we can move into making it probable. That’s what this show is all about. Listen and tell me about your plans.


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