Dream Big 2017

Dream BIG in 2017

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In this show, Cynthia will help you open up to possibility and gather Divine inspiration BEFORE you plan out 2017. The dreams of your heart (not your ego, or conditioned wants) are what you came here to live and give to the world. Join Cynthia as she shares the basics of dream creation and nurturing. Learn exactly what not to do if you want your dreams to materialize.  Click here to listen now (as always it’s free)

Have a Beautiful New Year!


Key Questions:

These questions will help you catch and qualify your heart’s desires:

  1. What filled you with joy as a child?
  2. What do you lose track of time doing?
  3. What comes easy to you?
  4. Where have you traveled to that you felt more at home than you do at home?
  5. If this applies, what’s on the other side of your kids growing up and leaving?
  6. What opportunities were created by the loss or challenge you were bruised by?
  7. What if the challenge came to close a door so you’d take a different direction? What might that direction be?
  8. Are your desires coming from your heart and soul?
  9. Or, are they conditioned, image-related, or ego driven?
  10. How do you want to live this year? Even if no one ever sees you doing it.
  11. Would you still want to do it, if you had to do it for free?
  12. If your life depended on identifying a career tied to something you love, what would you come up with?


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