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10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About LIFE. It’s never too late to learn and benefit from these game-changing insights about self-esteem, confidence, money, relationships, and more.

Time Markers:

-Do we have to learn lessons the “hard way?” (3:55)
-What gossipers do and what drives them (5:47)
-What your desire to gossip signals (9:18)
-Where self esteem comes from/how to build it (9:38)
-What’s jealousy? (11:45)
-What didn’t make the list, but should have (14:10)
-How to be happy (18:32)
-The single biggest enemy of your happiness (20:20)
-Is biology enough for a relationship to thrive? (21:53)
-What it takes to be enough (27:00)
-How to train others to treat you well (28:15)
-Passion and money (33:30)


“Stop looking for someone to save you. No one can rescue you, or solve your problems for you.”

“If you disrespect yourself, others will disrespect you. If you devalue yourself, others will devalue you, too.”

“If most people followed their passion, I’d have no clients in my coaching practice.


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