Letting go is an integral and unavoidable part of life.

It allows us to release people, experiences, and outcomes that we have no control over.

It lightens our burden and creates freedom where we were bound.

It calls on higher energies and opens the way for perfect solutions to manifest.

But, most people struggle with it. They see it as giving up, or saying “uncle.” It’s neither of these things.

Do you know how to let go in joy?

Do you know the difference between letting go and giving up?

In this super-short video, I’ll explain what letting go means:

Reply to this email and tell me: What ONE thing are you willing to let go of today?

I read all emails.

~ Cynthia


21 Day Fast

Could you spare 3 weeks--just 21 days--to refrain
from negative self-judgment and criticism?

Take the challenge:

Thank you!

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