The past is over. It’s time to let go, let go, let go.

Have you completed the process of Panning the Gold from 2019? I’ve posted it here in case you missed it.

The last year and decade brought massive changes and transformation for me. How about you? 

Do you notice that who you were in 2011 is very different from who you were in 2016? Even the person you were in January of 2019 is not the same person you were in June. You are an evolving soul.

I’ve been reading your email replies. 2019 was challenging for so many of us. For others, big strides were made toward long-desired outcomes. Onward!

All possibilities exist in the realm of potential. The one you feed your energy to most is the one most likely to manifest.

I’ve noticed an abundance of pent-up creative energy in our community. It’s important to know that this simmering force will not be restrained forever. It’s up to you to create the space and channel for it to express in positive ways. This makes the work we’re doing more urgent.

Building on the last note’s answers, on a fresh sheet of paper, extract ONLY the good from 2019. Make a list that includes fulfilling behaviors, experiences, achievements, relationships, and the lessons you learned. Frame all statements positively.


I emotionally reacted too much and it created a lot of problems in my relationships.


I do better in my relationships when I pause, breathe, and choose how I’d like to respond.


I ate too much junk food, drank way more than I should, regularly underslept and my body shows it.


I’ve learned that my body needs healthy foods, infrequent alcohol, and 8 hours of sleep to feel good. I love giving my body what it needs.


I need to stay away from friends and men who take advantage of me and disappear or disrespect me.


I choose to invest in reciprocal relationships that are built on an even exchange of kindness, caring, and support.

What’s not allowed: pessimism, complaining, criticisms, negative self-judgments, regrets.

When you’re finished creating this “Gold List”, destroy the answers from the last exercise.

You are freeing yourself from the past.

Make a ceremony of it. I safely burn mine, witnessing them dissolve and offering their energy to the Divine to be transformed.

Release it all.

Let the treasures extracted from the year and decade be all that remains. Give thanks for all of the good you’ve retained and all the of the lessons you’ve learned. You’re growing.

Release everything else. Let it all go.

The past does not define your future. Everything you need to become your best self and to create the life your soul came here to experience is already inside of you. It’s always been there behind the clutter of thoughts, past baggage, self-doubts, and other people’s garbage. Release what doesn’t help you.

Let go of all the reasons things might or must turn out badly. They are not truths; they’re vapors, fears, and opinions that bind you and blind you to the paths and opportunities that lead to your desires. Clear this. Let it go.

When you catch yourself reliving or rehashing something old that isn’t on your Gold List, gently remind yourself that you’ve decided to “let go,” surrender it to the Divine and turn your attention to the present moment.

This time is about cleaning, clearing, making space, and releasing all that does not serve you. Be kind and loving with yourself as you apply the discipline to consciously release. 

Let the past go. It’s over. Your future is a wide-open and unlimited plane of possibility.

With the past where it belongs and the future soaking in potentiality, only the present exists, immerse yourself in this moment.

I join you here.

For the rest of the week, let go, let go, and let go some more.

In my next note, we’ll turn the future. 

Love to you,


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