As a child of a single mom, I spent a lot of time in what was called EDC (extended daycare). This meant that teachers and caregivers had tremendous influence over my beliefs and cognitive development. Fortunately, my teachers were spiritual hippies bred and born in Creation’s living meditation: Monterey, California. 

From 2-6:30 pm on weekdays, I went to EDC where I was taught to meditate, commune with nature, and nurture animals. Most importantly, I learned to think beyond reality and the natural laws. I learned to create from a greater mind.

Once after I lost a race to the fastest boy in the group, my teacher said to see myself running fast and effortlessly in my mind’s eye (not to see the boy or any competition, just see myself flying). Soon after, I outran the entire class without intending to. I didn’t realize how fast I was running and hadn’t tried to beat anyone. The former fastest kid in the class asked how I’d done it. He said it was impossible, I was smaller and a girl. My teachers said that impossible was the space before possibility.

Each afternoon we had guided meditations instructing us to open our 3rd eye and see ourselves on the other side of time, space, challenges, and desires.

We learned that the use of our inner power would return the same kind of energy, so we must never try to use it to harm another.

By the time I was seven, I knew that my energy, intention, and imagination were powerful forces for good.

This view of myself, my power, the universe, and creation became comfortable, familiar, and normal to me — no woo-woo weirdness, fear of religious persecution, or doubt involved.

Today, with a law degree, successful business ventures, and a normal-appearing life, I still approach life this way. Every creation begins in the blackness of my emptied mind. I see the end before taking a single action, and each day I revisit the vision of completion. 

As obstacles appear, I attach wheels to them so energy can move them out of the way. My goals are driven by inspiration, not ego. This is the only way they’ll manifest and remain. I feel my way into good and move away from feelings of contraction and suffocation.

As my coaching practice has grown, and I’ve worked with people who come from vastly different backgrounds, I’ve realized that my way is uncommon. Most people are unaware of this aspect of their being. They are limited to cause and effect and live in reaction to what’s already manifested. They struggle because they’re using half of what they’ve got to manage their lives. It’s tremendously difficult.

I was fortunate to grow up the way I did. As I move forward, I’m committed to bringing more heart and mind-opening insights to you so that you recognize and use your creative power.

For now, recognize that thought precedes all form. Take a look at the items around you; they were thoughts before being manifested. You were a thought in the mind of Creation. How many of us take thoughtless or ill-thought actions and wonder why we aren’t fulfilled? 

As you move through your day, make time to get quiet and clear your inner space. Daily meditation, just 24 minutes (a minute for every hour in a day), is a strong way to start.

This week, spend this time breathing and placing your attention on the area around your heart. Be easy, let thoughts that pop up go as you return to your heart. Say to yourself, “My heart is open.” 

This is a powerful statement that allows your heart center to serve its function–to process life, purify your energy, and release all hindrances.

What those who don’t understand call magic is really just a human having access to all of their abilities.

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