Understanding the Law of Attraction

Photography by Liza Becker

I can’t sit by and watch another person judge and beat themselves up for not being positive or high-vibration enough to avoid attracting unwanted events. It’s nonsense and it drives me nuts.

“After 5 years of practicing the law of attraction, I’ve lost everything (my job, my dog, my dad, my health). I’m angry and sick with sadness. What did I do wrong and why doesn’t it work for me?”

–Sarah, Kansas City

LIFE HAPPENS. It just does. Challenges, trials, losses, and difficulties are a part of it—for everyone. Thinking that you are in control—via your energy— of the events in your life is partly right and partly wrong. You are always in control of your reaction to life’s events. You are always in control of the actions you take, and those actions can massively impact the content and quality of your life and future. Your energy is powerfully creative, and you can manifest what many would consider miracles with your wise use of it and your positive mental attitude. But, that’s not the whole story.

As powerful a creator as you are, you share the world with 7 billion other creators, you live on a planet evolving through its own cycles of creation, and you live in a vastness created by a Creative Intelligence supreme to all others. Can you see how it may be a little naive, or arrogant, depending on your perspective, to believe that you’re doing it all?

Now, don’t get me wrong, my desire isn’t to undermine anyone. It’s quite the opposite. My desire is to free people of the ugly feelings associated with the belief that one energetically attracts everything one endures. It just isn’t so.

The victims of 9/11, Fukushima, Katrina, Sandy, Haiyan, wars, famine, genocide, and regular run-of-the-mill street crime are not masters of negative vibrations. They are people like you and me, and the vast majority of them are as positive and desiring of good as we are.

We are powerful beings, and when we are fully cognizant of our power and the lack of it we can get on with putting ourselves in the best position to prevent or recover from life’s challenges.

You aren’t bad. You aren’t being punished. You’re alive and you are growing and learning. The education you’re receiving—while sometimes unwanted and difficult to endure—is one of great meaning, value, and purpose. The woman who emerges from this series of ordeals is stronger, wiser, and blessed with the ability to discern between substance and insignificance. No blessing will be lost on her, no simple treasure overlooked, no love squandered, no beauty is forgotten. She will know how to LIVE. 

Now get yourself together, take a look at what remains, and get to the work of creating a magnificent life.

“Your legs will get heavy and tired.

Then comes a moment of feeling the wings you’ve grown, lifting.” ~Rumi


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