The holiday season is upon us. It seems to happen earlier each year.

While it’s a time intended to be joyous and bright, it’s often chaotic, draining, stressful and emotional.

I’ve got your back. Yesterday, we recorded a show with no guests.

It’s just me sitting beside you and coaching you through.

This season, before you have a chance to get depressed or depleted, I’ve got a mindset and habit makeover to help you:

-stop comparing yourself to others

-put an end to holiday weight woes

-say  no  so you can say  yes  to you

-find and use the gift within jealousy


-love the woman in the mirror

Let’s make this season one that renews and restores you.

Click here to listen now.




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Could you spare 3 weeks

just 21 days to refrain from 

negative self-judgment and criticism?

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