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Daily, I have conversations with women who are struggling with their men. After countless discussions with men of every age, class, race and status, it’s become clear that the majority of upsets fall into five key areas. In an effort to shed some love and light on the mechanics of men, I write this post. Please note this list applies to committed couple, not casual daters, in abuse free relationships. Let me know what you think.

5 Things Women Need to Know About Men

1. Men are as, or more, emotional than women.  They don’t express it as readily or easily because it isn’t comfortable for them.

2. Mutually desired sex is VITAL for him to feel emotionally secure, confident and loved.  When she says “No” to sex, he hears, “I don’t want you.”  It hurts.

3. It is crucial that a woman NEVER criticize, mock, belittle, tease or insult her man in public or behind his back.  Ideally, she doesn’t do it in private either, but if she must express something negative, she should do so only when no one else, children included, is present. Respect and honor him.

4. Taking care of her health, appearance and hygiene tells her man that she cares for and values him.

5. He wants to take care of her, provide for her, be romantic with her, but when she bosses him around, questions him and undermines his efforts, he withdraws and feels incompetent.

 ~ Cynthia


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