Happy New Year!

Slow down and let yourself arrive and settle into the energy of 2019. There are no shoulds, no race to win, no competition. This is your life. Turn your focus away from the calendar and the masses.

Be still and ask your soul (higher self, intuition, spirit) what will bring you deep fulfillment and meaning. Let the answers become your north star. I use a life-wheel as I complete this soul-inquiry.

In each area of the wheel, I detail what I want to live–things that deeply resonate with me. These writings must have nothing to do with what others might think. They are for me and when you do them, they are for you. They should spell out what’s important to you. Whatever you choose not to include is not important enough to be there.

On my wheel, in personal growth, I wrote: more conscious and consistent contact with Spirit. In career: write two books, co-host an inspiring and life-transforming retreat, record more podcasts.

Then, instead of setting a myriad of resolutions, shoulds, and restrictions, I committed to doing this one thing:

Live in a way that a stranger watching would know what’s important to me.

That’s it. Don’t underestimate the power of this commitment. Before you say yes to anything (people, events, foods, professional choices, etc.), ask yourself:

Does this choice directly or indirectly support what’s important to me?

If it doesn’t, why are you investing your energy into it? Empower yourself to say no to whatever isn’t connected in some way to what’s important to you. Protect what matters to you. This makes space for all of the things that are important to you.

So say an opportunity to work at a local spiritual center comes up. It’s not in my career section. Could this work directly or indirectly support my books, retreat, or podcasts? Maybe. Could this work stop me from achieving my career goals? Yes. Spending hours a week doing wonderful work at the spiritual center will consume a lot of my writing, planning, and recording time. So as much as I like the idea, no.

This inquiry will also bring wasted and unhealthy energy expenditures into clear focus where you can dispense with them and take your energy back.

In health, I wrote: yoga 2x, gym 2x, long walk my dogs 3x, a week. This level of activity makes me feel strong, healthy, connected to my fur babies, and empowered. This is important to me. When my couch potato loving side persuades me to skip what’s important to me, I’ll ask whether this supports what’s important to me. The answer is no, and no more thinking needs to happen. I will literally be lacing my shoes up as my inner couch potato whines in futility.

If something comes up that you do want to do and it’s important to you add it to your wheel. Be discerning.

As your life is transformed into an intentional creation, your goals and dreams will come naturally. Your health, relationships, and emotional well-being will improve. You’ll have time for what matters and you’ll understand where you’ve wasted your energy. All of this from one powerful decision to invest your time and energy only into things that are important to you.

Put this process into action. Leave me a comment telling me ONE thing you do that shows what’s important to you.

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