Panning for Gold in 2015

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Hi Gorgeous,

What a year! It’s been the most wonderful, difficult, soul-destroying and restoring year I’ve lived. Yes. All of that.

How about you? What’s your year been like?

Every year I take this week to sort through the departing year. It’s a deep process, much like preparing to move to a new home.

Your existing home is full of things you’ve collected over the year (or years) and all of the stuff people have dropped off.

To be sure, there are treasures in this place. Happy outcomes, warm feelings of love, belly-shaking laughs, and sweet intentions are among the wonderful things. Your strength, tenacity, resilience, kindness, and fundamental goodness are priceless items, too. You’ll want to take all of these things with you.

There’s a ton of crap in your old house, too. Even the most organized and fastidious of us have this sort of clutter. All those ugly things you said and did to yourself this year, the negative self-talk, the over-working and under-sleeping, the bad food, and the toxic consciousnesses you tolerated in your personal space. That stuff can be left behind.

It’s time to move out and move on. You’ve got a brand new energetic home to organize and occupy. Be aware and intentional.

Imagine just moving everything from your 2018 into your new house. There won’t be room to receive what 2019 wants to give you. (This is what most people do.)

Don’t get carried away by dumping out everything either. You’ll trash priceless assets, qualities you’ve worked hard to earn, memories that have great meaning, and lessons that will make you more successful in the future. 

To get the most out of the fleeting year and you, you’ve got to sort through it and claim what’s beneficial to keep.

I’ll help you with this process over the next days so you can set yourself up for a centered and empowered 2019.

Panning for Gold in 2019

Work through the following questions. It’s valuable to write the answers so you can review them after. 

1. What kind of year was 2018?

2. What did you do really well? 

3. What would you like to have done better?

4. What behaviors, habits, activities made your life better (emotionally, physically, financially, in relationships, self-esteem).

5. What behaviors, habits, activities were toxic or destructive?

6. Who enriched your life?

7. Which relationships were depleting or harmful?

8. What thought or thoughts played most in your mind? (What was your inner soundtrack?)

9. Describe each month of 2018 with one word or phrase.

Study the answers for hidden gems, things that made you better, stronger, more alive. Note the things that brought you down and caused you suffering.

10. In hindsight, what could you have done differently to have felt better and lived better in 2018?

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Don’t put this process off or underestimate the future value of organizing the past.

Love and big hugs to you,



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