Do you want real success?

Can you relate to this?

You want to pursue something meaningful, but you never seem to have enough time. Months and years have passed and your desire has turned into a dream relegated to the realms of someday.

You’re starting to feel a subtle sense of failure and hopelessness when you think about your desire. You think you might not have what it takes, or will never have the time, or were never meant to have what you want.

This insidious feeling undermines everything. You don’t trust yourself to be able to deliver what you want, and somewhere inside you wonder if you’re not good enough to have it anyway.

Day to day, your slide down the slope of disenchantment is imperceptible. You cover your emotions and internal signals with busywork food, drink, TV, cluttered environments, other people’s problems, feeling like a victim, shopping, or following celebrity dramas. It’s a slow heist.

Then something stirs you and your inner world comes crashing down. Someone you know achieves your dream. Someone dies. You lose a job or something that you settled for instead of pursuing your desires. You have an accident or an illness. You wake up and become hyper-aware of all you haven’t done and how you’ve been sleepwalking through your life.

Wherever you might be in this experience, the beautiful thing is that you’re here reading this now and you can transform this spiral into a force that lifts you up. 

It is NOT too late.

Start super small. Your micro behaviors are what will remake your life. Grand actions actually aren’t what your best life is built upon. The foundation of success begins with the small choices you’re making right now.

What will you do after you read this note? Check Facebook, read emails, play internet games, snack mindlessly, have a burger and fries, watch TV, listen to a friend gossip and complain, sit for the rest of the day, stay up late watching the news and playing on your phone? This will consume life energy and prevent you from creating the foundation and environment for the life you desire.

What if instead you: read about someone who’s doing what you want to do, eat a big bowl of roasted vegetables, go for a walk, lift weights, or take a yoga class, call a wise contact and share your vision, send the application for the job, education, experience you want, meditate on what you want from this life and then take an action to manifest it, get eight hours of sleep tonight?

This is how you create change.

Small and consistent actions = MASSIVE RESULTS

When objections arise, interrupt them with this statement of truth:

If I allow my resistance, comfort, or fears to guide my behaviors I will NEVER have the life I really want.

When you follow through, you’ll build three traits that will amplify your power: self-respect, self-worth, and courage. Together these combine to make you brave, disciplined, worth it, and they direct others to respect and value you too. This sequence of powerfully positive shifts begins with your small and consistent behaviors.

****Bonus ninja move: Don’t think about why you don’t want to do whatever it is you know you must do. Thinking about it opens the way for resistance to shut you down. Get moving. Start now. No thinking about why not or when would be better. QUIET. ACTION.****

Getting into the habit of using the discipline to execute and finish what you must will be challenging at first, and then momentum and habit will kick in. It gets easier, more rewarding, and it changes your life forever.

It’s on you now. Don’t let you down.

Have a beautiful week.


Cynthia Occelli



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