Let Go

Who do you think you are?

Do you think you are your past, your work, your achievements, or the things people have told you that you are? Are you your gender, your name, your address?

No. You are so much more, but it’s nearly impossible to discover your true being with all of your life laying around!  For months, I’ve been using a technique to clear away all of the superfluous information about who I am so that I can be free.

This powerful process is better communicated orally, so I’ve made a short video (in my pajamas no less, but I did put earrings on . . . cause that’s just what you do).

Try this process and leave me a comment telling me what came up for you.



Could you spare 3 weeks–just 21 days–to refrain
from negative self-judgment and criticism?

Free challenge:

Thank you!

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