This post was written in 2018. As challenges continue, I hope to help you get centered and thrive.

I live in Los Angeles and this week has been painful for our city. Uncontrollable wildfires have burned homes and communities. People, pets, and wild animals are in need of shelter, help, and compassion.

Every coaching session I’ve had this week involved frustration and fear over the election outcomes.

Shootings and tragedies seem to be everywhere.

And these events don’t scratch the surface of what’s happening within our specific lives.

If you’re not careful, your feelings can take over your thoughts and you can lose hours in toxic rumination over what’s upsetting you. At the end of it, you’ll feel tired. You won’t have done anything to improve the things you’re upset about, and you’ll have filled your body with harmful stress chemicals.

You will have fed your energy to the very thing you don’t want. This is how you give your power away (remember this: what you allow to upset you, you give your power to). And this isn’t the end of the harm.

When your day is consumed by negative thoughts, you stop being a source of positive change with regard to what’s upsetting you and you stop improving your life. Your upset strengthens the energy of upset and it saps you of your power to create healing, help, health, and happiness where it’s needed. Your most precious asset and resource is time. When you fall down this rabbit hole, your time is devoured by negative energy. You won’t get it back, and its loss produces no gain.

What can you do?

Draw a clear line in your mind between what you can impact and what you have no control over, align your actions with the outcome of your analysis, and then let go.

For example, say you’re deeply troubled by reports about crimes against women. Explore what you can impact. Can you give time, money, networking, housing, or some other form of help? What organization could you join to put structure and focus around your energy so that it makes a difference? Start your own non-profit or join one. Write letters, post them on a blog, send them to political leaders, and post them on social media. Make helpful things happen. This you can control.

Once you have channeled your upset into helping actions, stop taking in more negativity. Stop filling your mind with news reports, articles, and doom-filled talk. Stop consuming fear-inspiring and angering materials.

Instead, invest your power into your life. Take care of your health, meditate, create your art, write your book, love yourself, love others, travel, grow a garden or do whatever brings light and growth into your life (and the world).

Do your part and invest in you. You’ll positively impact what matters to you, help others, put an end to the destructive cycle of unproductive upset, and improve your life. This brings light to darkness and collectively changes the world.

You’ll be amazed at how good you feel and how the Universe will conspire to support you.

With love,


For extra connection and support as you implement this process, join me here: Wise Woman Sisterhood.

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