Fierce Grace: How to show up & let go

When faced with challenges and changes, there’s often an overwhelming desire to cling to what you had, or want.

It’s natural.

Babies do it. Animals do it. People do it.

Yet, it’s tantamount to trying to swim up a waterfall.

This is the time to surrender. Surrender doesn’t mean to let the currents suck you under.

Letting go is not the same as giving up.

Surrender means to go with the current and do all you can to avoid rocks, stagnant pockets, branches, and rough waters.

In practice, this means to:

— stop turning the past over in your mind, so that you can apply its power to the present.

— accept what is, so that you regain all energy wasted on resistance.

— remind yourself that whatever you face, there’s a solution somewhere and you’re willing to receive, or discover it.

— acknowledge that every challenge conceals a gift equal or greater to it.

— trust that life is for you, and it seeks to be glorified by your triumph.

— release attachment to the outcome, (affirm: this or something better for the highest good).


Fierce Grace is embracing life’s content, enjoyable or not, and giving your best efforts, thoughts, energy, intentions, and actions, to creating the most positive outcome.


Is there a place in your life that will benefit from you being fiercely graceful?


~ Cynthia


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