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Dreaming BIG in 2016

December 30, 2015

Photography by StuckinCustoms


I love this moment. Suspended between the old and the new, the energy of the coming new year urges us forward while the last wisps of all things released fall away. 

This is the fertile ground—a place to plant the seeds of your deepest desires. Take as much time as you need to clearly design the person and life you intend to experience in 2016.

Developing a picture and description of who and where you’d like to be marshals energy, pointing it in a unified direction. This intense, hyper-focused power is the stuff that dreams, BIG dreams, are made of. 

Having done this many times, I know that things rarely go according to plan and sometimes the mountains do not move, but often they do. No matter what happens, ultimately, I become better (yes even when, especially when, the worst happens). 

I’ve set plenty of “ridiculous” and “unrealistic” goals.

Once I dreamed of transcending the low self-image and feeling of inferiority I had as a child. I wanted to be comfortable inside my skin and feel that every door in the world was open to me. 

When I was pregnant and living in a garage, I dreamed of having a gorgeous home surrounded by natural beauty. 

As a welfare-mom, with a 9th grade education, I dreamed of going to law school without having to endure the remedial efforts of going back and finishing high school and attending undergraduate school.

When I lost someone dear to my soul, I dreamed of finding my way back to happiness and enjoying a life filled with people I love and trust. 

When I grew bored in business, I dreamed I could build my life around my true passions: inspiring and loving people.

When I discovered the healing joy of embracing my feminine energy, I dreamed of being brave and bold enough to share it with the world. 

There was opposition every step of the way. Many well-meaning people admonished me to get my head out of the clouds and accept reality. I had accepted reality, just one that hadn’t materialized yet. 

Some people aggressively criticized and attacked my ideas, beliefs, and views. They told me their stories, but I was too busy with mine.

I’ve achieved every dream above and so many more go unmentioned here.

There will never be a shortage of people to argue for your limitations. They aren’t telling you your story, they are telling you theirs. If you agree with them, it becomes your story, too.

Spend time today seeing, feeling, and being your dreams.

Then, fully commit to doing whatever it takes to achieve them, as long as you harm no one, including yourself. This total commitment is absolutely necessary. If you aren’t willing to make it, success is unlikely. 

Ironically, once you make a genuine, nothing held back, commitment, you will find that your dreams work hard to come to you. You won’t have to actually do all of whatever it takes.

Life really does conspire to help you when you help yourself.

I have written, imagined, and plotted the path toward my dreams. Eagerly, I await the day when I share them with you. Until then, know that I stand with you in support of you and the deepest desires of your heart.

I’ll see you next year.


Photo Credit: Sunrise in America, by StuckinCustoms