Create your dreams.

Catch Your Dreams

Happy New Year, Beautiful!

Before you dominate your undeserving precious self into resolution submission, breathe. There’s a much better way to create your dreams. When you fight yourself, you’ll always lose.

You’ve got goals, dreams, and desires, I know. Have you examined their source and motivation?

Are your desires coming from your heart and soul? Or are they conditioned, image-related, or ego driven? This matters a whole lot.

False dreams, when attained, bring dissatisfaction and despair. Lasting fulfillment comes only from living your unique purpose. Thankfully, everything you need to know about your dreams is already inside of you.

How do you want to live this year? Even if no one ever sees you doing it. What events, things, or achievements would make you feel more alive, more on purpose, more fulfilled. Choose those.

Once you’re connected to the dreams of your higher self, dig in. Meditate. Invite wisdom and Divine guidance into your heart. Breathe more. Go slow. Let the world hustle on. Take all the time you need. This is how to cultivate the fertile ground—the perfect place to plant the seeds of your deepest desires. 

It’s foolish to plan an entire year in a few days; take the whole month of January. Mark the Chinese New Year (January 28th) as your new year.

Carefully and consciously developing an inspired picture and description of who and where you’d like to be in 2017 will marshal your energy and point it in a unified direction. This intense, hyper-focused power is the stuff that dreams, BIG dreams, are made of. 

Having done this many times, I know that things rarely go according to plan. The plan is an invitation to the Universe to step in and offer higher solutions. Trust it and move forward.

I’ve set plenty of “ridiculous” and “unrealistic” goals and surpassed them. Listen to this podcast where I share all about it.

There’ll be opposition every step of the way. Well-meaning people may admonish you to give up or stay small. Bless them and expand your circle to like minded people who’ve walked your path. Join my school when we open for enrollment and you’ll get the support you need. There will never be a shortage of people to argue for your limitations. They aren’t telling you your story, they are telling you theirs. If you agree with them, it becomes your story, too.

Spend time today and each day this month seeing, feeling, and catching the vision of your heart’s desires. They’re inside you on purpose. They’re meant for you to pursue, express and to have.

Join me every Thursday this month for The LIFE by Cynthia Occelli Show. I’ll be focusing on DREAMING BIG HEART-DRIVEN DREAMS and developing a plan of action to attain them.

You’ll see that life conspires to help you when you’re on purpose and you help yourself.

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