change this and your life will change

I woke up this morning thinking about having to have a business conversation that I don’t really want to have (but know that it is in my best interests to have).

Like most people, I am the least adept at life mastery in the wee hours (keep this in mind the next time it’s 4:00 am and you’re sensing imminent doom–reach for the light within, it’s also strongest then).

As I was grumbling about what I wish I didn’t have to deal with, I remembered that by changing the way I characterized the situation I could change my inner feeling about it.

Life has proven time and again that when I change my inner feeling to a positive, expansive state seeming miracles occur. When I shift, everything else does. This is more than amorphous, ethereal, woo-woo, it’s predictable and logical. When you show up in your power, you’ll behave powerfully. When your mind is open, you’ll see more opportunities. When you radiate peace and wholeness, people will be drawn to you–and those same people often have a solution.

In every situation there is an empowered perspective, seek it.

Put these in your pocket, for starters, then add your own:

This happened for me, not to me.

I am being called to express the very best in me.

This is an opportunity for me to show myself my power.

My motivation for doing this is greater than my fear.

When I get to the other side of this, I will be stronger and wiser.

There are no accidents. I am not alone, I am more than this.

I will find the good in this situation and use it to create more.

I trust that all is well, I choose to walk by faith not sight. Out of this situation, only good will come.

Question: What empowered perspective moves you? Share the wealth!



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