You are an integral part of Creation.  Your thoughts and actions set off far reaching chain reactions that you cannot fathom. In a world seemingly submerged in tragedy and challenge, you matter. Invoke your Divine healing ability now by pouring boundless love into the...read more

Love: The Verb

We are co-creators of our lives, whatever we send out returns, sooner or later, and what we focus on expands. If we move through the world feeling as though we are part of a family, the human family, and we give love to that family, when possible and not in conflict...read more
Hack the new year in ONE step

Hack the new year in ONE step

Happy New Year! Slow down and let yourself arrive and settle into the energy of 2019. There are no shoulds, no race to win, no competition. This is your life. Turn your focus away from the calendar and the masses. Be still and ask your soul (higher...read more

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