Hack the new year in ONE step

Hack the new year in ONE step

Happy New Year! Slow down and let yourself arrive and settle into the energy of 2019. There are no shoulds, no race to win, no competition. This is your life. Turn your focus away from the calendar and the masses. Be still and ask your soul (higher...read more
Panning the gold from 2018

Panning the gold from 2018

Photo credit: house-n-baby (Flickr) Hi Gorgeous, What a year! It’s been the most wonderful, difficult, soul-destroying and restoring year I’ve lived. Yes. All of that. How about you? What’s your year been like? Every year I take this...read more


Free Video Series

-how feeling worthless is learned
-your level of self-worth
-how to grow self-esteem

-how to open up to higher forces

-practices to create the best days of your life


This series is part of a paid program. The event creators were gracious to allow me to share it with my community.

Thank you!

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