Do not forget this ONE thing

Do not forget this ONE thing

Every day we are confronted with a changing world full of people and events that can impact the way we feel and live. Some are small and relatively undisturbing while others can bring us to our knees. Whatever has happened, minor or major, help yourself by more
You decide what everything means to you

You decide what everything means to you

Everything that appears in our outer world is filtered through the lenses of our understanding, beliefs, habits, wounds and teachings. We assign subjective meaning to each event and then it becomes true for us. In much of our lives we use our meaning more


Free Video Series

-how feeling worthless is learned
-your level of self-worth
-how to grow self-esteem

-how to open up to higher forces

-practices to create the best days of your life


This series is part of a paid program. The event creators were gracious to allow me to share it with my community.

Thank you!

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