Have you ever heard a story so miraculous that you can’t retell it without sobbing?

Today, my interview with Kristi Blakeway airs on Unity Radio. Kristi is a speaker, author, and school principal in Maple Ridge, BC. She’s a wife and the mom of two boys.

Kristi takes students into the most impoverished areas of British Columbia and they help homeless people reunite with lost family members. In this show, Kristi shares insights into homeless people that dissolve the stereotypes and fear surrounding them.

And during this show, Kristi tells a true story that will open your heart in the most fantastic way.

Feeling a little low on faith? Want to hear something really, really good? LISTEN TO THE SHOW.


I challenge you to listen to the story about Cindy, then tell it to someone else without getting emotional. I’ve shared it five times and five times I’ve turned into a puddle before I could finish.




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