At some point in life we find ourselves surrounded by seeming chaos; for many of us this happens often. Relationships spin out of control, we lose someone or something dear, our bodies aren’t healthy, finances unravel, everything we’ve worked so hard for falls apart.

When one, some, or all of these things happen it disorients us and causes us to question everything we thought we knew about life. Believing ourselves to be victims, we allow the storm to bat us about, we land where we’re dropped, and wait for the next gale.

Some of us lose precious years riding the turmoil, letting life live us instead of living it.

“The point of power is always NOW.” — Louise Hay

Being chaotic is not a solution to chaos; creating peace within is. From the place of emotional and mental stillness, true power emerges. Chaos needs fuel, fear and aggravation are its favorite. Starve it. Poison it with gratitude and love for what remains instead.

If you’re in a storm, know that right now you can take control of the only thing you’ve ever had control over, YOU. You can count on you, the deeper you. Beneath the fear lies a powerful being who can choose stillness and peace, even now. This is a practice, it takes work; everything worthwhile does.

Perspectives, options, ideas, and solutions, that were once hidden, emerge from a place of stillness. We gain rightful dominion over ourselves and our lives. We come to believe, and then to know, that we are bigger than the thing before us. We become the eye of the storm.

Amazingly, when we truly change, everything else does too.


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