Doyou understand the true meaning of self-love? It’s not about pleasure

February is the month of love, and I’ve got you covered. Tune into Self-Centered on Unity Online Radio and learn how you can become a love magnet!

To attract the love we truly desire we must value ourselves body, mind, and soul. We must fall in love with ourselves first. It is through grace and true joy with who we are and what we’ve been given that we will find our path to our truest love. A woman who embodies happiness and confidence will attract more than just a man, the whole world will fall in love with her. Don’t believe me? Good thing I’ve got a few friends to help prove it.

In this episode, I share two self-love boosters left over from my last show. Next, settle in for a journey to becoming a love magnet. Listen to excerpts from Resurrecting Venus, poetry from Kahlil Gibran, and first hand accounts of what men say makes a woman sexy. Don’t miss this special episode.


Click here to listen now: Self Centered – Be a Love Magnet

Be sure to check out the “LIFE by Cynthia Occelli” podcast this week for the top 10 Things Lovers Need to Know (available 2/11/20).


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