Femininity is anything but weakness. It is strength fueled by the omnipotent power of love. In its purest form, it is inclusive, focused on the highest good for all. Where masculine energy divides, conquers and controls (not inherently negative actions), the feminine unites, cooperates and supports. Most problems in the world can be traced to masculine energies running unchecked and unbalanced by the feminine. 

Birthing the change we wish to see in the world begins with accepting it in our lives first. The starting point is the conscious acknowledgment that feminine is not synonymous with weak, and embracing your feminine nature is not a betrayal of woman’s equality. We are equal, different and equal. Release all negative associations with femininity, it’s a divine gift.

The experience of awakening and embracing your feminine essence is like discovering an ocean of liquid inspiration, serenity and creative power. It feels like the first moments after waking from the most wondrous dream you’ve ever had. This feeling tone becomes your new normal. It is sublimely soothing, rife with deep joy, and wholly empowering. It’s where I find lasting, independent of circumstances, happiness. 

We are sacred beings who bear the gift of carrying the creative energy of the Divine into physical form. When we connect with our feminine core, literally the space a little below and behind our navel, we travel the path back to creation. This energetic center is the garden of the goddess, the seat of our intuition, a hotline to our higher self. All you need to know can be discovered here.

This beautiful garden, your sacred space of dreams, creation, inspiration, and magnificence is ever present. The sun shining over this paradise is your heart, radiating its wisdom and energy. In this perfect place, all things are possible.

The work of awakening the Goddess within begins with the relocation of your life center–moving away from the hyper-analytic, what you see is what you get, ego-driven mind. It’s a return to your childhood home, your garden beneath the heart-sun.

~ Cynthia

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