I’m usually the one doing the interviewing, but don’t get it twisted I’ve got opinions! 

I’m usually the one doing the interviewing, but don’t get it twisted I’ve got opinions!

One of the strongest is my belief that life is too precious to do or be anything other than your truest, most alive, and happy self.

It sounds all sunshine and roses, it’s not. The moment you have the audacity to think for yourself feathers get ruffled. Beings you didn’t even know have feathers, start flapping. And you have to find the courage to keep going.

It’s worth it because you’re worth it.

This week I got to be a guest on Spiritual Coach, Alex Levy’s, The Spirit Guided Life Podcast.

Stream it right now, click here.

Some of the things we chatted about:

– What’s required to get through life’s toughest changes
– Stepping into the feminine
– Awareness as the first step to change
– The magic behind Resurrecting Venus’ creation
– Why you put up blinders around your personal growth
– and so much more!

Grab a headset and a cup of something soothing and click here.

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