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Are you longing for love? Get ready to become a love magnet. This show is all about attracting real, healthy, and lasting love relationships with desirable men. Listen to what good guys really want, and let go of the myths. Discover the elixir of radiant beauty, and join the ranks of the sexiest women in the world. Listen and learn!

Time Markers:

-Love: starting at the beginning (4:27)
-First step in creating love (5:00)
-Teaching others how to treat you (12:00)
-Reconnecting with your inner child (13:20)
-The power of the past on your present (15:00)
-Nothing can complete you (18:00)
-Insecurity, self-doubt, unworthiness (19:18)
-What do men want? (21:20)
-What you need to be beautiful? (23:38)
-The elixir of radiance and the sexiest woman in the world (24:23)
-Where to meet men (28:00)
-What men said about beauty in their words (29:19)
-The dumbing down of men (35:15)
-Femininity and romance (36:30)
-The roles of confidence in attraction (38:55)
-Release upset against men (39:40)


“Make space for new people, experiences and beautiful things. Make the space you spend the most time in beautiful and joyful.”

“A happy healthy woman is automatically a sexy woman.”

“You’ve been chosen. No one can complete you. You are complete. Nothing can be added to you.”


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