There is no gold medal for doing everything yourself. It doesn’t make you a better, stronger, or more deserving woman.

Give yourself permission to be vulnerable and to ask for help. Graciously accept it, and feel good about it. You’ll have opportunities to help others, too.

Scenarios to ask for help with.

When you’re hurting, a tremendous step toward healing is sharing your pain with someone you feel safe with. If the suffering is intense and you’re feeling shaky, unstable, or deeply discouraged tell someone. Reach out for support. Getting therapy when struggling is a powerful act of brave self-love.

If you’re struggling to move forward after a life challenge or setback, ask for help from a spiritual practitioner, coach, or mentor.

When there are more tasks than time, ask your children, partner, and family to share in the work.

If you’ve made a mistake, ask someone competent and trusted for guidance.

If your relationship isn’t satisfying your emotional or sexual needs or life intentions, thoughtfully ask your partner for what you need. Be specific.

If you find yourself carrying all the weight (ie. the very capable man at the store yesterday who was yakking about college ball on the phone with his buddy while his wife packed 15+ grocery bags into the cart, shoved them to the car, and labored to load them into the trunk). Let other people help you.ย 

Life is a collection of moments. Embrace your power to make each moment more enjoyable, less stressful, and easier. Ask for help.

~ Cynthia


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