Anything is possible

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The decision to embrace possibility throws the floodgates of life wide open. Often we fall into regular mental patterns, assume we know all there is to know about a situation, and are able to predict every outcome. The truth is there are countless perspectives to view a situation from, we never know all there is to know and there are solutions we haven’t thought of. Believing otherwise is naïve and arrogant.

Surrendering to possibility is an admission that we are not all knowing and cannot see the future. It is also an invitation for newer, higher, yet unknown solutions, opportunities and synchronicities to emerge.

When you think you’re in an impossible situation, take a moment to acknowledge that although you do not consciously know how to solve the problem, you know a solution exists and you’re open to receiving it.

This simple approach has led to more outstanding achievements and solutions in my life than any other. Challenges that seemed impossible (six figure disputes, law school admission, building my dream home and attracting the perfect publisher) were minor tasks to the Divine Mind. 

~ Cynthia





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