The things you GET to do

It’s easy to wax positivity, quote wisdom teachings, and beam with light when life is pleasant and comfortable. It’s in crisis that one learns how much of one’s talk is actually real for them. My core beliefs are solid, and I am still human.

I’ve had days best described as crises of faith—despairing times when nothing seems to make any sense and darkness prevails. I don’t think anyone could ever be completely immune to these sorts of feelings, given dire enough circumstances.

I accept this.

However, beyond the matted feelings of bleakness, there exists a fundamental knowing that all is always in order, even when I can’t fathom how. I do not like my present experience, yet I trust that the exquisite intelligence that so perfectly hung billions of planets in the skies, crafted the atmosphere that sustains us, and designed the intricate miracle of the human body, has everything under control. On this I rest.


“The wound is the place the light enters you.”
― Rumi


My days are not my own right now, I choose this. Right now, my entire life is revolving around getting my mother care and carrying her through a taxing time. 

I’ve spent countless hours in the company of people who’ve lost the ability to care for themselves, handle their own affairs, and choose how they spend their days. 

It’s become painfully clear that nothing in life is a given right, everything is a privilege and a gift. Knowing this will remake your life. 

What tasks do you despise doing? Dishes, laundry, cleaning up after pets, taking your car to the shop, visiting the dentist, going to exercise class, paying the bills, or cooking healthy food? Any activity that burdens you might go on this list. 

The next time you find yourself dreading a task, pull back and get some altitude. The things you feel you “have” to do, even if you don’t want to, are really things you get the privilege and blessing to do. For every task you find awful, there are countless people fighting for the ability to do it. 

Instead of lamenting your plight, dedicate every task to those who can’t do what you can. Use your energy in honor and upliftment for them. Send vibrations of gratitude and service out into life. They will not return void.

I no longer have things I hate to do. I’ve given them up for a deep appreciation that I get to do them.

It’s a game changer.

What do you get to do now?

Comment below, and let me know.



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