Most of us know what it feels like to face what seems like impossible problems.

Once your mind agrees that the problem is, in fact, impossible to solve, it stops trying to solve it and becomes focused on all the negative outcomes and results. From there you slip into incessant cycles of worry.

My friend recently divorced after decades of marriage. For the first time in her life, she is on her own. Every time we speak, she says, “There is no way I’ll make it on my own.” She’s casting a spell of disharmony and darkness over her life. From her place of constant worry and repetition of such a powerful affirmation, it’s unlikely she will make it on her own.

I understand her fear, it’s real. I’ve been there. I’ve sat with countless other women who’ve also been there.

When faced with an impossible problem you must take authority over your self-talk. If you don’t believe in self-talk, take a listen to your mind. You are engaging in it all of the time.

Wouldn’t it be smarter and feel a lot better to choose the words rather than let them run on automatic? Your automatic self-talk usually isn’t even yours. It’s a melange of other people’s words recorded over the span of your life. The talk that runs through your mind is vitally important because it drives the very direction of your life. It dictates your actions, shapes your views, and determines whether you recognize the opportunities surrounding you.

When I’m faced with an “impossible” problem, I immediately remind myself:

“There is a solution to every problem. I may not know what it is right now, but I know it exists. I’ll find a way to solve this. Somehow this situation will produce something good.”

Even when I don’t believe the words, they change me. My mind becomes empowered and open. Having done this so many times and under so many daunting challenges, I know that it works.

I’ve been absolutely astounded by the ideas and solutions that come to me in the days following my proclamations.

Life conspires to help us when our minds are open and willing to receive it. This is where miracles occur.

I know for sure that if my friend would affirm the solution instead of the problem, she would find her way much sooner, more gracefully, and feeling much better.

Try it yourself.




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