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You are intuitive, whether you realize it or not. There’s a higher knowing within you. It’s always there and available to support you. It may communicate or express itself as a feeling, a vision, a voice, or a simple knowing.

The challenge for most people is in recognizing their intuition and distinguishing between it, the ego, emotions, and their thinking mind. Intuitive knowings aren’t like other types of thoughts or feelings. They are quiet, simple, arise from an inner state of detachment, and are easily overlooked.

In contrast, the ego, emotional reactions, and the thinking mind’s conclusions are more intense, adamant, and charged. It’s nearly impossible to connect with your intuitive center when consumed by chaotic states of mind. Yet, it’s when you’re riled, agitated, or anxious that you need your higher knowing the most.

To bridge the chasm between disordered thinking and inner wisdom, you must clear away the messiness and noise of reactive emotional and mental states. You must cultivate a quiet, spacious, inner environment—one that supports you in recognizing and understanding your intuition. You must clean your inner house. Here’s my process:

8 Steps to Clean Your Inner House & Connect with Your Intuition

1. Get Quiet

Calm down. Go to a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Sit in a chair. Close your eyes. Breathe. Take slow, even and long inhales and exhales. Take your attention away from your thinking mind and your feelings. Place your focus on your heart center. See it as a reliable, loving space in your body that has one desire: to love. Imagine a field of love emanating from your heart and surrounding you. See every cell in your body filling up with love and relaxing. When your mind kicks in with chatter, questions, or complaints, exhale them and return your focus to your heart center. There’s nothing else for you to do. Sit. Inhale. Exhale. Focus on your heart area. Do this often, and whenever you feel tension rising inside of you.

2. Dump the Dead Weight

Think of everyone you’re holding unresolved upset with and let it go. Un-forgiveness harms you and does nothing to anyone else. It stresses your body, blocks joy, robs you of freedom, and stands in the way of connecting to your higher knowing. Scour your mind for all people, recent and long-parted that you haven’t forgiven—a kindergarten friend, an old boyfriend, a former-boss—dig deep. Each time I do this, I come up with people and situations, logical and illogical, tucked deep into the recesses of my mind. Clear and create new space for positive energy by forgiving every major and miniscule thing you’re holding onto.

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3. Acknowledge Your Fear

The ultimate reason you’re upset is because you’re afraid. You’re afraid that something is happening, or will happen, that threatens something you care about. Often fears can be traced back to childhood events that made you feel that your survival was threatened. For example, you made your mother angry, and she withdrew her love from you. This caused you to fear that she wouldn’t take care of you anymore, and as a result you might die. As a child with immature and limited thinking capacities, any challenge could be interpreted as a threat to your survival, or well-being. As an adult, you logically and consciously know better, but on a deeper level, old and habitual patterns may continue to run unchecked—until you bring them out into the light of consciousness.

Do this by identifying exactly what you’re fearing.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?  
Is this a rational fear?
What about your fear isn’t true or real?

Come up with exactly what it is that scares you. If this exercise is too intense, get professional help. A good therapist will support you and help you gain freedom from irrational fears and help you to handle rational ones.

4. Surrender Your Fears

Call on Spirit (God, Energy, Love, Light, Universe, etc.). Ask it to surround you with healing energy and to take the burden of your fear. Turn it over to the Infinite and let it go. Ask that the energy of your fear be lifted from you and transformed into positive potential. Know that you are not alone and that your request is heard and granted. Whenever you feel fearful, practice step 1, Get Quiet, and remind yourself to surrender your fears. Then take positive actions to increase your security, stability, and well-being (i.e. if there’s an action you could take to eliminate a problem, do it).

5. Detach from the Outcome

One of the greatest obstacles to connecting with your intuition is your personal will. Your intuition doesn’t tell you what you want to hear. It tells you the truth, and sometimes that truth is unwanted. Our desire to hear the positive outcome we want is often louder and more forceful than our inner knowing. You must detach from all outcomes, especially the one you want, and accept that every life has ups and downs and every life ends. This takes courage and bravery, and the benefit of receiving unwanted information from your intuition is that it enables you to prepare, and potentially shift the outcome. Detach from all outcomes by affirming: I trust in the Divine order, even what I can’t see it. I release the outcome to Spirit, and ask for guidance.

6. Clear the Physical Clutter

Pick a room, area, closet, cabinet, or drawer and clean it out. Get rid of what you haven’t needed or used in a year. Remove everything, clean surfaces and carefully, thoughtfully, put only what you need back. When done correctly, this is a powerful action. It parallels life.

As you donate or dispose (when it’s too damaged to donate) of what you no longer need, you are signaling your unconscious to release what it no longer needs. Make the experience more powerful by imbuing the items you’re releasing with thoughts, beliefs and energies that you’re ready to release (stories, fears, limiting beliefs, unwanted habits, toxic memories and relationships). Clear space.

While you’re cleaning the surfaces, see them as your inner self. Wipe away the dust and debris. Make it sparkling clean and fit for new life and creation. Repair what needs fixing. Take your time and give it real value. Restore.

When your space is at its cleanest and emptiest, purify it with a ritual. Say a prayer, safely burn sage, spray blessed water, or create your own energy shifting process.

Be judicious about what you put back in your space. Only what you genuinely need, things that serve your highest good, should be put back. This is prime space—the equivalent of your inner world.

7. Ask

In your clean space, after you’ve forgiven everyone you can think of, surrendered your fears, and detached from all outcomes, get quiet and ask your higher-self whatever you want to know. Don’t worry about the wording, this is not an intellectual exercise. Open your heart and be willing to receive. Be still, patient, and peaceful.

8. Listen

Your intuition doesn’t wear a watch. It’s not motivated by urgency, desperation, or repetition. In fact, these qualities hinder its expression. To hear it, you must cultivate an inner state of serenity and ease. There is no one way for your intuition to speak, but it will speak to you in ways that you understand. It may arise as a knowing, a sense of what feels right, or it may be a quiet voice, a lyric, or a color that means something to you. I know a woman whose intuition speaks to her in dreams. Be open and learn how your intuition communicates. Write down what you perceive as a communication and then see how it plays out in your life. Build your confidence with first-hand experience.

I’m eager to learn about your intuition and experiences. Comment below and share with me.


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