Have you gone through something tough? Are you still navigating it?

Personal challenges, things like a death, loss, financial challenge, divorce, or any experience that shakes your core and makes you feel stressed are often beyond your control. How you fare, however, is highly influenceable. Stressful experiences set off a cascade of physical reactions. Our bodies circulate stress hormones, we may suffer headaches, insomnia, a compulsion to overeat or starve ourselves. These physical experiences can create internal imbalances that undermine our ability to think clearly or feel positive. In times of crises, it’s vital to stabilize your body and support your mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

7 Simple Steps to Stabilize Yourself

Drink three cups of green tea every day.  Eliminate soft drinks, diet drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, all sugary beverages. Several studies report that green tea retards and protects against cancer, encourages cardiovascular health, aids in weight loss, retards aging and improves skin condition.

Be in bed, in the quiet dark with no electronics (TVs, computers, phones, etc.) on, every night for at least seven, preferably eight, hours.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, insufficient sleep has been linked to the development and management of a number of chronic diseases and conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression.

Say “No” when saying “Yes” would require resources (time, money, emotion) that you can’t give right now without harming yourself.

Meditate and connect with your Spiritual Source every day.  Sit in quiet contemplation for 20 minutes a day (increases gray matter in your brain, reverses brain age, and creates inner peace). Wake up and fall asleep giving thanks for the good in your life and knowing that Divine love is infinite and available to you. You are never alone, even now.

Stop watching and listening to the news, read one newspaper or online news source a day to stay current.  TV news, especially local news, conditions us to believe that we’re unsafe in our homes and communities, doomed to a plethora of diseases, and are patently inadequate because of our appearance, status, income, and personality.  It’s not difficult to understand.  It is a business.  Businesses are motivated by profit.  Bad news garners better ratings than good news and sponsors need you to feel pain and inadequacy to motivate you to buy.  Choose uplifting shows that leave you better than when you found them.

Add five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables to your daily food intake.  Don’t worry about what you can’t and shouldn’t eat every day.  Instead focus on eating, at least, 5 servings a day and other lesser quality foods will be reduced and often squeezed out.   Mother nature in her unparalleled wisdom hands us the keys to a vibrant life in the form of fresh (frozen if necessary, but never canned) fruits and vegetables.  The benefits are too numerous to list here. Do your own research or trust mine.

Move your body. Walk, swim, dance, or do yoga (in class, on YouTube or with a DVD) three times a week. For yoga, start with Iyengar and work up to Vinyasa or Flow yoga. Yoga harmonizes the mind and body, builds muscle, increases flexibility, lubricates joints, massages the organs (promoting detoxification and flushing the entire system), improves posture, fosters discipline and inner peace.

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