April marks the start of our Month of Self Love! For the next month, commit to putting yourself first. Be kind, understanding, and forgiving. If you are tired, rest. If you’re sad, ask someone who loves you for support. If you make a mistake, comfort yourself and let it go. When your inner critic tells you that you’ve got it all wrong, thank it for sharing and move on. Behave in ways that demonstrate your self-love. The grace of feminine power ascends through a love-filled heart. You deserve this.

If reading this makes you say to yourself, “OMG this is so selfish” you need self-love and extraordinary self-care the most. When my peers and I were struggling to survive, they chastised me for pulling in and putting myself first. The thing is when I took care of me first, I became healthier, more successful, more powerful and those “selfish” acts opened the way for me to give at a level I’d never imagined. I can afford to give more today than I lived on back then. I am also able to help thousands of people around the world live better lives. I couldn’t do that before. Selfish turned out to be the most generous thing I could do. Join us!

Here’s a list of 21 tips (from the I AM VENUS Community) to kick off your Spring Renaissance of self-love:

1. Make daily green juice

2. Meditate

3. Write everyday

4. Take exotic salt, flower & oil baths

5. Tell yourself good things about you regularly

6. Forgive yourself

7. Clear out space in many places & make room

8. Catch your deepest vision joy without regard for ANYTHING else (fear, opinions, limits etc.)

9. Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday

10. Appreciate every single thing you do well

11. Be kind, gentle & compassionate with yourself

12. Get a massage/manicure/facial/footrub

13. Bellydance in the morning

14. Explore the new interests without judgment

15. Set a new healthy boundary (Read this for help)

16. Spend time by the water

17. Let go. Acknowledge that you aren’t responsible for the world

18. YOGA/a yoga challenge

19. Do some sort of art-work everyday

20. Ride horses 

21. Treat yourself to a vacation

 What can you add to this list?

Leave a comment below and share three ways you can love yourself this month! Also, spread the love! Please share this post. Let’s turn our love renaissance into a revolution!


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