Cynthia Occelli Affirmations

I found an OLD document on a computer disc (ha! I said it was old), it contained the following affirmations. Reading them brought me back to the time I wrote them. It was the longest “night” of my life—a night filled with swirling, sucking, relentless fire. What I couldn’t know then was that those ravaging fires were burning away everything superfluous.

They consumed every single person, thing, status, and belief that might impede the next phase of my life. Looking back, I see the purpose, value and higher hand in that time.

I said these affirmations often, carried a few in my purse, and repeated them silently in the midst of high stress events.

The key to (most) effective affirmations is that they move you, inside. Typically, if an affirmation is right for you, you’ll feel empowered, enlivened, relieved or inspired.  

However, in the case of releasing someone or something, you may not get a positive charge from it, instead you might feel resistance; press on and affirm the release.

Read this list (out loud if possible) and take what resonates and what you need. These affirmations rewrote my life. I hope they serve you.

  1. I release my fears.
  2. I release my sadness.
  3. I release all resentments.
  4. I release all anger.
  5. I let go of the past.
  6. I let go of everything I think I need.
  7. I love, bless and let go of (specific names omitted here).
  8. I love, bless and release all fear and attachment to all legal matters and lawyers.
  9. I release all finances that are not mine.
  10. What is mine will not be taken from me.
  11. I release the need to feel unworthy.
  12. I release the need to be criticized.
  13. I release the need to lack wealth, love, health and joy.
  14. I am safe.
  15. I deserve the best things in life and I accept them now.
  16. I am free.
  17. I am grateful that I am aware of what matters while it is here to enjoy.
  18. I trust God and the Universe’s divine plan for me.
  19. I am worthy, loved and loving.
  20. I accept and approve of myself.
  21. I am a happiness and money magnet.


~ Cynthia


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