1. Don’t take advice from people you wouldn’t want to end up like.
  2. If they’ll do it to someone else, they’ll do it to you.
  3. Tell the truth, most if not, all darkness comes to light anyway.
  4. You do not have the power, and shouldn’t try, to change anyone.
  5. No one else can rescue you.
  6. You are the most powerful person in your life.
  7. Show me who your friends are and I’ll show you who you are.
  8. Forgiveness is a selfish gift.
  9. Forgiveness is not the acceptance of continued bad behavior.
  10. Being a victim is a choice.
  11. Love doesn’t hurt.
  12. Your ego will rob you of all joy if you let it run unchecked.
  13. In any situation, you can always choose peace.
  14. This life is not a dress rehearsal.
  15. The quality of a relationship is as good as the parties’ communication abilities.
  16. Anything is possible.
  17. Stay away from people who cause you harm.
  18. When it comes to children, what they see is what you get.
  19. Children see everything, even what you hide.
  20. Take the time to examine why you do what you do.
  21. The purpose of your life lies in your heart’s desires.
  22. You are your best and worst friend, the choice is yours.
  23. People tell you their story, not yours.
  24. Upsets that won’t matter in an hour, day or month don’t matter now.
  25. All human response is love or a cry for it.
  26. Loving and forgiving the world does not mean absolving them of accountability or responsibility.
  27. Take care of yourself.
  28. Good for you and easy, comfortable, or risk-free are rarely synonymous.
  29. No one, other than you, can or will complete you.
  30. You are the knight in shining armor.
  31. There is no something for nothing, no free ride, no easy street.  Every situation demands something from you.
  32. Fear is a warden eager to imprison you for life, but you give him the key.
  33. Your days are numbered.
  34. Opportunities do not exist in the past or future.
  35. Nothing has power over you, without your agreement.
  36. A man who leads, protects, and provides is always sexy.
  37. A woman who knows how to encourage, receive, create and revel in her beauty is always sexy.
  38. The value of money lies in what it can do for you.
  39. Prevention of problems is easier, more efficient, cheaper and less stressful than curing them.
  40. Be the person you admire.
  41. It takes a champion to say: I was wrong, thank you, I’m sorry, and I love you.
  42. A parent’s job is to raise self-reliant, secure and empowered children.
  43. Eliminating the habits that stand between you and your good is a #1 priority.
  44. You must know when and how to say, “No.”
  45. Count your blessings, not your troubles.
  46. “They,” don’t exist. Stop living for them.
  47. Age is a number independent of emotional maturity and physical ability.
  48. We all have a last-minute, don’t wait for it to do what you’ve always dreamed of.
  49. Even if you aren’t (yet) aware of it, there is a solution to every problem.
  50. Repressed negative feelings don’t go away, they magnify and transform, find safe spaces to express them.
  51. The height of ignorance is believing that oneself knows everything, most everything or often even anything.
  52. The words “I don’t know,” signal the beginning of wisdom.
  53. Casual sex is an oxymoron.
  54. Self-actualization is being independent of the good (or bad) opinion of others.  (Maslow)
  55. Listen to the aches of your heart, they are sacred.
  56. You will never harm another without harming yourself.
  57. Hope never dies.
  58. Life follows belief.
  59. Beliefs can be chosen and changed.
  60. You are (fill in the blank) enough.  Go live.
  61. Know where you’re settling for less than you want and why.
  62. Don’t settle for less.
  63. Never check your common sense at the door.
  64. Improving the world begins with you.
  65. Success is a daily choice.
  66. Life conspires to help those who help themselves.
  67. The past is over.
  68. When you’ve done all you can, let go.
  69. People facing an untimely death only ask for two things: more time and more love.
  70. The value of a relationship is in its substance, not it’s title.
  71. You are your primary parent, protector, advocate, and caregiver.
  72. Anticipation is worse than the thing anticipated.
  73. You are rich, right now.
  74. Some things we can’t get over, only through.
  75. Light always follows darkness.
  76. In the darkness, we learn the beauty and value of light.
  77. The people who are the hardest to love, need it the most.  (Peaceful Warrior)
  78. Your actions, or inactions, show people who you are and how you feel about them.
  79. Never stop chasing your woman.
  80. A woman must know how to provide for all of her needs and how to let someone else provide for them, too.
  81. Standing aside and allowing a man to be a man is a priceless gift.
  82. Connect with your spiritual source every day.
  83. Eat plants, drink water and move your body.
  84. Be willing to help and be open to being helped.
  85. Giving and receiving are as interdependent and inhaling and exhaling.
  86. Begin to improve life by working on one area at a time.  Rising tides lift all boats.
  87. Often the very thing we’re holding onto is the thing blocking our good.
  88. Letting go doesn’t mean giving up.
  89. Fires don’t burn without fuel.
  90. Only love survives.
  91. What others think of you is none of your business.
  92. What you are seeking is seeking you.
  93. Fulfilling your heart’s desire serves the world.
  94. Whatever has occurred, you can always begin again.
  95. Every negative experience can be used for good.
  96. Emotional walls of defense do nothing to protect from harm, they just keep out the present joy.
  97. Change follows focus.
  98. Don’t run from what you do not want; run to what you do want.
  99. Learn to delay gratification.
  100. If not now, when?  Someday isn’t coming.
  101. What good is wisdom without application?

~ Cynthia

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