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Where does it hurt?

March 25, 2013

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An angel disguised as a child care center worker taught me how to meditate when I was five-years-old. She gave me access to an invulnerable source of power and a place of refuge that has sustained me through the darkest times. 

She also taught me to get quiet and ask what she called ‘kind’ questions. I have many tender memories of her holding my hands in hers and asking: Where does it hurt? I’d do my best to feel through my body and tell her about where I ached, felt tight, or tender. Sometimes, I cried. My body held my fears and feelings of abandonment and rejection. She’d tell me to be with the feeling, but not to hold it, to let it leave when it wanted to go. Then she’d guide me to see the space covered in loving light. She told me that a loving, healing power was always with me and I just had to remember it and tell it where to go. She may have saved my life–at a minimum she changed it.

My teen years were filled with chaos, fear, hardship and bad choices.Where did it hurt? Everywhere. Acknowledging it was powerful. It validated my feelings and helped me to understand my pain. Calling on healing energy and knowing that something loved me regardless of my state or circumstances gave me hope. I could fill the dark pit in my center with soothing peace and notice the contraction in my chest subside. In those magical moments of communion, I felt safe, adored and here on purpose.

Today, decades later, I still ask myself where it hurts. I know that I can handle whatever I am aware of; it’s when I’m unaware, denying, or ignoring my inner environment that problems occur. The answers tell me what needs attention in my life and show me where I need more love.

I’ve come to trust the wisdom of my body. It doesn’t “think” about what to do with fear, pain and sadness, it just takes them in and holds onto them. It sends a call for love in the form of tension, aching, or anxiety and the sooner I pay attention to it and give it healing light, the sooner I am free.

Where does it hurt?

Breathe. Call in the Light. Let go.

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9 responses to “Where does it hurt?”

  1. Patty Aldama says:

    Wow,,so beautiful and powerful,,and most of all true..thank you for this post ..I received your words powerfully,,and for this i am so grateful!

  2. Dawn says:

    How beautiful and loving your earth angel was to you! And now look! It is you who gives in return…such is the circle of life. And to you Cynthia, I am grateful. Thank you.

  3. This is really powerful and resonates with me.

  4. HiramsQueen says:

    Wow. Phenomenal as always. You are amazing and, although I’ve only been reading your posts for a short time, you touch my life EVERY time in such a positive, deeply resonating way. You are a gift to me from above, and I am so thankful the Universe conspired to get you to me, as the time I need you most. How I wish I could repay the debt I’ve already incurred in such a short amount of time. All I can say is “Thank you”, from the bottom of the heart of a child who was an infant when it started to hurt, and now at 52 I am just beginning to learn how to heal, thanks to the amazingly powerful yet softly caressing words of a few Angels who have come in to my life disguised as bloggers, authors and Angel healing group admins. Thank you, Cynthia Occelli, for coming in to my life. You are so loved and appreciated by this woman. With a very grateful heart, I am ~ <3 Deborah

  5. Geetha says:

    As an early childhood professional, this entry is a poignant reminder of the difference that ECEs make. I’m encouraged to see the result of the trickle down effect of one educator’s compassion and wisdom. It would be interesting to read more about the content of this entry. Too often I’ve heard more complaints than compliments about the work ECEs do to nurture children.

    Best regards,

  6. Dawn Shea says:

    <3 from Kauai.. You helped me believe my dream of living here could happen, and I continue to heal everyday in order to keep moving forward.. I feel I can call you friend.. Your kindness and wisdom helps so many of us wounded warriors to heal and grow.. <3 <3 <3 you…

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