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Where do you need to surrender?

July 29, 2013

Where do you need to surrender?

My client Sarah had struggled to create a profitable and rewarding business for almost five years. She was clear on her vision. She’d done all of the work, both inner and outer—consulted experts, taken courses, worked hard to learn all she could, and done her very best to implement everything she’d learned.

She meditated, prayed, and used self-discipline to remain consistently positive. Despite her daily and consistent actions, somehow, the mountain she so desperately wanted to move wouldn’t budge.

When Sarah came to me, her outlook had gone from persevering optimism, to frustration, and finally devolved into bleak discouragement. Working with me was her “last stand,” she said. If she couldn’t create at least a modicum of success, she was closing her doors.

Sarah’s experience is not uncommon. It isn’t limited to work situations either. The appearance of stuckness and stagnation shows up in relationships, personal and professional. It can show up when we pursue life intentions too (like getting pregnant, building a home, moving to a new city, etc.). 

Nearly everyone who’s created something worthwhile has encountered this sticky, matted, swampy time.

Take heart; it’s a purposeful time. It’s life’s way of building the foundation, or muscle, within you to ensure that you are able to competently manage the attainment of your goal.

These are character defining times that allow you to demonstrate what you’re made of and who you choose to be in the world.

Surrender to them.

Surrender doesn’t mean give up and retreat. It means to claim peace now, trust that the energy of your actions and intentions is moving on your behalf, make space for a higher answer, and accept that it will come at the right time.

Release the fight with life (you can’t win). Show up, continue to give your best, (acknowledge your littleness in the Universe) and let it take care of the rest.

For 3 weeks, Sarah and I worked on her showing up in peace and taking positive, relaxed, and detached action. She focused on shifting her outlook and being grateful for all she already had, instead of feeling despair for not having what she wanted.

Sarah found a place of peace and true surrender. She began to enjoy the process of living in the present again, instead of being negatively fixated on a seemingly unattainable goal.

Six weeks later, the cosmic tumblers of fortune snapped into place. Sarah stumbled onto a high-profile media opportunity in her industry, a client moved his entire business book to her company, and a complementary business invited her to share their gorgeous office suites. 

Everything changed at once. It often does.

She finished the year making more money in 6 months than she had in five years of being in business.

When asked what she thought triggered the dramatic shift in her business, Sarah replied, “I surrendered and got out-of-the-way.”

Where could you surrender and get out-of-the-way in your life?